SDC Tree Management Protocol

Stratford-on-Avon District Council is responsible for approximately 250 hectares of land, ranging from car parks to local nature reserves, upon which are over 5,000 trees. Trees are dynamic structures, constantly growing and changing to adapt to environmental conditions.

Stratford-on-Avon District Council recognises that it has a ‘Duty of Care’ to ensure that all of the trees on its land remain in a safe condition as far as it is reasonably practicable. To find out about how the Council manages the condition of trees and the risk that they pose to nearby people and property, please read the Tree Management Protocol.

Works to Our Trees

For more information about how Stratford-on-Avon District Council organises and carries out works to trees, and the considerations that need to be made before any works are carried out, please read Works to our Trees.

Tree Planting

For more information about the factors that Stratford-on-Avon District Council considers to determine which trees to plant and where, please read Tree Planting.

The Value of Trees

Stratford-on-Avon District Council recognises that trees are a valuable asset to our residents and the local environment, and should be maintained and developed accordingly to ensure future generations will have at least the same healthy provision of tree cover as we do today. To find out more, please read The Value of Trees.

Threats to Trees in the UK

For more information about the threats UK trees face, please read Threats to Trees in the UK.