2020 Meetings

Please note if a meeting below is listed as “remote” it will be held via the Zoom platform, public and press are invited to attend.

Details for attending remote meetings can be obtained up to 24 hours in advance by emailing the Clerk.

If any member of the press or public has a question for a remote meeting please email the Clerk two working days in advance.

Thank you

Please contact the Clerk luddingtonparishclerk@gmail.com if you require assistance.

Date of Meeting 2020-21 Calendar
21 January 7.30pm Agenda Minutes
18 February 7pm Agenda Minutes
17 March 7.30pm Agenda Minutes
21 April 7.30pm CANCELLED – Covid-19
19 May 7.30pm (remote) Agenda  Minutes
16 June 7.30pm (remote) Agenda Minutes
21 July 7.30pm (remote) Agenda Minutes
18 August 7.30pm (remote)  CANCELLED Рnot quorate
15 September 7.30pm (remote) Agenda Minutes
20 October 7.30pm (remote) Agenda Minutes
17 November 7.30pm (remote) Agenda Special Notice & Draft Minutes
15 December 7.30pm (this meeting will not take place) This meeting will not be held
19 January 2021 7.30pm (remote)

2020 Annual Parish Meeting and Parish Assembly

The Annual Parish Council Meeting and Annual Parish Assembly are due to take place in May each year, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Annual Parish Meeting has been deferred to May 2021 in line with changes in legislation, and following advice from NALC the Annual Parish Assembly will not take place until further notice.