Bridle Meadows

Bridle Meadows – Former DEFRA site

A successful community consultation event was held at Luddington Village Hall on 10 October 2017 which was attended by several residents of the Parish. Questionnaires were completed by several visitors to the event and the results helped to shape the proposed development.

Work has now commenced on the site and details can be found here.

At the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 18th February 2020 at 7pm Р7.30pm there was an open discussion led by Janet Neale from Warwickshire County Council on the potential CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) Рa substantial fund that the parish could receive in connection with this development. This was the first in a series of public consultations on CIL during 2020.  Please see the CIL tab on this website for further information in due course.

Consultation Posters

Consultation Meeting 7th May 2019