Call for Action: Report flooding in your home to secure Government funding

If your property was flooded during Storm Henk (2-5 January), it’s important that you report it to Warwickshire County Council and to your insurance company.

Reporting flooding to the County Council may help secure Government funding to help you recover from the effects of the flood, and will help local authorities plan future flood prevention measures.

 Warwickshire has not yet reached the required threshold of 50 properties confirmed as flooded, to be eligible for this Government funding, so it’s crucial that you report flooding to help us secure this support for you.

You can report flooding in your home at

Could I please ask that if you are aware of any residents and properties in your parish which were impacted, could you please bring this message to their attention and ask them to report it using the link above. If we did have 50 properties affected across Warwickshire then it is only right that our residents should have access to the support.